Reply To: Permissions required for Fictionalised “true” story?


Is your work to be a history or a fictional work? It makes a huge difference. In the first instance you are reporting on an event that happened; in the second you are creating a fiction which contains made-up dialogue and, presumably, made up events and characters as well.

If you are creating a history you don’t need permission. Every fact will/should be verifiable, based on the historical record. If you are making assumptions based on the record you must identify them as such.

Fiction you can make up as you go along. To what extent your fiction can mirror actual facts is problematic, the stuff you’ll need to hire a good intellectual property attorney to determine.

My advice, as a published writer with more than 50 years experience, is to create a short outline of what you intend — either fiction or history — and run it by an attorney accustomed to working with materials such as you have.

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