Reply To: Why do you still use a DSLR?

Avatarjohn the video guy

I started and learned on a DSLR, and then went to mirrorless. I still occasionally use DSLR. So I guess you could say that I use both. They both have pros and cons depending on what you are using them for.

I shoot live events mostly, video and photos. Having a mirrorless camera is very helpful as it is smaller and lighter to carry than the bulkier DLSR cameras. The lenses are also smaller for mirrorless cameras. A lot of the mirrorless cameras out there now have a sensor stabilizer which adds a significant amount of stability to your shot as well. They are also cheaper to purchase πŸ™‚

Now the pros to the DSLR cameras are that most of them have larger sensors, so there are more megapixels to the image. The photos in my opinion, just have more depth in DSLR cameras. Especially in macro photography. You loose that depth of field in mirrorless because of the smaller sensor and shorter focal distance. But a DSLR shines with great telephoto lenses attached to them.

Bottomline in my opinion and experience, mirrorless is better for videos and DSLRs are better for taking photos. I’m interested to see what others have to say as well! It really depends on what you intend to use them for πŸ™‚

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