Reply To: Lighting: would like guitar strings & fretboard to be a touch clearer


Hi Dom, I was looking on youtube and saw a vlog video with great lighting and so in the comments I asked what lighting he was using. To my surprise he replied and said he was sitting in front of a window being lit by daylight. I decided to try it myself.

I placed my camera on a tripod about two ft. from a window and sat on a stool about 4ft. in front of the camera and zoomed in on the guitar. Settings were f8, iso-1600, 1/50 sec., 25fps, 1080P on my Coolpix B700 camera. I shot a one minute video.

As my iso was too high at 1600 and tended to bring too much light into the scene, I did a little color grading and sharpening in Premiere Pro. Here is a single frame from the video after color grading and sharpening.

Here’s a single frame of the video with no post processing.

Seems like daylight is the best light and it’s free.

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