Reply To: Lighting: would like guitar strings & fretboard to be a touch clearer


Dom, I have one question and one suggestion. Question is what type of camera was used on the pic you posted of the telecaster? That is an exceptionally clear picture with a great depth of field. I wonder if it is a pro camera. But the pic seems to be taken with a lot of daylight lighting up the room.
The suggestion is to set up you camera outside in daylight and see what you get. That will tell you if lighting is the issue.
For 24fps, set the shutter speed to 1/50 (twice the fps). Try an aperture of f8 and set the camera 4 or 5 feet away, and zoom in on your guitar and knee, like the telecaster pic and mine. Camera should be set to full HD 1920×1080 at the highest quality.
P.S. My guitar is a 335 knockoff made by Hagstrom. Gets a nice smooth overdriven bluesy tone. You can hear it at the :41 second mark on this amateur video.

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