Reply To: Lighting: would like guitar strings & fretboard to be a touch clearer


I figure a pic is worth a thousand words so I just shot a short video of myself in auto setting in 4K at 30fps on my Lumix FZ80. This camera sells for $325 new and I got mine in new condition a year ago for $230 on ebay. It has continuous center point auto focus and shoots 4K segments up to 8 minutes each. This is a screen shot from the video, no post processing was done. It was just shot (dark outside) with two 75 watt led bulbs (500 watts equiv each) in floor lamps pointed at a white ceiling and one 22 watt led bulb (150 watt equivalent) in a floor lamp pointed just over my head. The equivalent focal length was about 80mm. The camera was 5 ft away.All three led bulbs and e26 adapters for the two 75 watt bulbs ran about $75 total. Lighting and shooting video requires a lot of experimentation to get it right.

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