Reply To: Precision 3430 for video editing


I would say no. I bought a small factor HP a few years ago and the on board video card and 8GB maximum RAM was not good enough for Premiere Pro. I then bought a used HP Z200 desktop PC on ebay with an intel i7 at 3 GHZ, a separate video card with 2GB RAM, a 1TB drive at 7200rpm, and windows 10 64 bit pro. I removed the 8 GB RAM and replaced it with 2 matching 8GB cards for 16 GB RAM (there were only two memory slots). This cost less than the small factor HP, about $350 total and less than what you will pay for the 3430. I use it to edit and render 4K video. It is not fast (I usually do something else while the video is exporting) but adequate.

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