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I was a photojournalist right out of college(2012). Then a short stint in event video(2016/17). Then one of my old high school friends contacted me in the Spring of 2018 saying the company she ECRs(Electronic Court Reporter) for is hiring an in-house Legal Videographer. I had no experience with Legal Videography, actually most of my experience was in pro photojournalism for a local newspaper. I shot some web videos for it but not much. I interviewed and got hired at the litigation support company(one of the nations’ biggest, they are buying everyone up actually!$) in August 2018 and have been working the South Florida area ever since. Yes, a metropolitan area with three big counties of humanity and lawsuits helps keep us busy down here.
kelstertx; I am very interested in how you transitioned to Freelance/affiliate after being in-house. It is something I might want to do after being in-house for a few years. If one could get 2-5 videos a week(depending on your spending/lifestyle) it could be a great income and you dont have to spend all your time in the office– big perk for me!(not there yet tho)In-house has its perks too however.
It can be boring at times,yes, especially ‘in-house’ where you are riding a desk doing production on-top of covering depos in the office and out at law firms in the field. But if you are freelancer.. sitting in a 2 hour depo you still get plenty of your day if you are not expected at a desk anywhere after or before to do the production. The freelancers that come in here and drop off their videos with me always are doing cool stuff with their day on top of getting work. Their invoices arent to $habby either…

I have a degree in Multi-Media Journalism. But TBH I learned most of the skills unique to legal video while I shadowed a fellow experienced in-house videographer for 2 weeks. I feel very thankful to have walked into this industry with ease(i thank my friend all the time!)
It will just grow from here IMO. The schedulers in my office say video is requested more and more. Oyea, I’ve gotten to know the schedulers really well, so as to when it comes time for me to go spread my wings and go freelance/affiliate I can be on their list!Being a nice person to everyone before pressing record is a major part of it!

My advice: get hired as an in-house videographer(some luck/who you know required) then gain experience and contacts doing that. You dont only have to market yourself to the law firms themselves. More and more Litigation Support Firms hire freelance videographers all the time while still using in-house employees(its kind of overflow but we use them all the time). My office schedules them multiple times a week.


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