Reply To: Newbie questions!


I make my own amateur music videos and I use the Zoom R16 multitrack recorder. This allows me to play and sing along with my other tracks (up to 8 tracks for input and playback), like a drum track or add myself playing a second instrument or play along with a friend’s video and audio recording.

I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for video editing and Adobe Audition for audio editing. They work together on the Premiere Pro timeline, which lets me edit the audio, line up audio tracks, etc., on the Premiere Pro video timeline.
I generally use the camera audio as a means to line up the video with the Zoom audio, then mute the camera audio in the edit. Camera audio is not as good as the Zoom audio.

Premiere Pro also lets you zoom into a frame to simulate close up shots in the editor. Here’s an example of me recording audio plugged directly into the Zoom R16 recorder (no amplifiers needed) with a vocal mic and keyboard. Then playing along with the first audio on guitar plugged into the Zoom, shown on a split screen.

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