Reply To: Trying to capture surfing


Reply To: Trying to capture surfing

I don’t know much about video cameras as I shoot with dslr’s for 1080P and the Lumix FZ80 and the Coolpix B700 for 4K. Maybe you can get a video camera with a 1″ sensor and a telephoto lens that will give you better quality than the Lumix with the 1/2.3″ sensor. I suggest you stick with a 4K camera and a lens that gives you at least an equivalent focal length of 800 or 900mm to capture telephoto shots, and the ability to set your iso, aperture and shutter speed manually. 4K is generaally sharper than 1080P and gives you the ability to zoom into the frame in the editor.

As for manual settings, with auto settings you can get a bleached out sky, where if you set your own lowest iso and a higher f-stop you can bring back a blue sky with clouds. I have found, for instance, the Lumix 4K gives me a sharper image than a Nikon D7000 DSLR does in 1080p.

The bottom line is how much you are willing to spend for quality, as you will likely be starting at a couple of thousand dollars or more for a camera shooting 4K with a long telephoto and a 1″ or APS-C sensor. You can save money with old manual film lenses mounted on a dslr or video camera with detachable lenses, but you have to be good at pulling manual focus, which is a whole different art.

Here’s a 30 second sample of the FZ80 4K video, shot handheld (showing why you need a tripod with a fluid head), with manual settings at the wide angle setting, demonstrating the quick and silent continual center point autofocus.

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