Reply To: Help trying to get great video with Canon EOS Rebel T7i


For some reason my reply seems to have disappeared so I will try posting it again.If your cellphone is shooting 4K video, it will look sharper than the 2K video on your dslr.If you are comparing 2K on the cellphone to 2K on the dslr, here are things to possibly improve the look of the dslr video.
What fps are you shooting at? Are you shooting at 1920×1080? Shooting at 60 fps will have more detail (maybe more crinkles in the water) than at 30 fps. If your video is a bit too dark you can lighten it in post processing with an editor like Adobe Premiere or Davinci. You can add light, saturation, contrast in post processing. Your f stop is important. If you are shooting at a wide aperture you will get less depth of field at f3.5 than at f5.6 or f8, so less of the frame may be in sharp focus. Focus is very important as is a steady camera, so use a tripod for video and use the live view magnifier to check your focus. The cellphone has a much smaller sensor so will have greater depth of field making it easier to keep everything in sharper focus. If you need more light don’t be afraid to raise your iso, as you can add more color and contrast in post processing. Also pay attention to things like shooting with the light (eg. the sun) at your back, use manual settings so you can decide whther you are shooting for the highlights or the shadows, etc.

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