Reply To: I enjoyed The Accountant but I completely missed the plot.


This doesn’t happen to me very often but I’m simply lost with this movie. It was entertaining, well acted, and I liked the structure of the story. But I just didn’t get the plot about Living Robotics at all. Here are a couple of questions I have:

Why did John Lithgow’s character call the accountant if he was behind the financial machinations all along? What did he hope to achieve? (especially when he immediately decided to assassinate him and Anna Kendrick’s character)

What were the financial machinations anyway?

Why did Lithgow have his associates killed?

Who was the man in the car whom Jon Bernthal’s character threatened? Was that relevant to the plot or was it just an introduction of who Bernthal is? word counter

Was I supposed to be shocked when it was revealed that Bernthal is the accountant’s younger brother? I thought that was the only obvious part of the movie. VidMate

Thanks for the help uncooking the books on this movie

my issue got solved!!

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