Reply To: Are there any decent, cheap camcorders?


I am recently married and with my husband and I just starting out I like to take lots of pictures on my phone. I was watching home videos my parents had of them when they had just got married and when me and my siblings were growing up. I want to be able to make home videos of just day to day things or parties and whatnot and for when we have children. I want something very simple and I don’t need any crazy good features because I wont be filming anything but home videos to keep and watch later and show our children. Shopping on amazon there are many camcorders for under 100 (which is ideal, we don’t have the money to spend much more than that) that have a lot of good reviews, but also a lot of really bad ones. I don’t know what to trust. I want something simple and easy to use, but I don’t want a piece of junk. I’m wondering what is the cheapest camcorder that will work well enough for my needs .

my issue got solved!!

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