Reply To: Which video editing prog of those listed can do my listed tasks ?


<<Where is the problem in using a video player to capture all your stills into a dedicated folder and then using that as a source in your NLE? >>

That paid for editors are unable to capture stills and instead relying on other free progs is just so surprising. Full of all sorts of gizmos and yet cant manage that.

Simply that the players lack frame backward and fwd controls, hence need to use video editors who have that control.

By the time you react to a frame you need its gone past, but getting back to it is not easy as they dont like going backwards. This has been the biggest problem for years, they dont see users as needing to go backwards, and video editors can but dont see users as needing to capture stills or stills of same quality.

Further testing sees situation worse, Power Director 17 does not capture stills at same quality as original footage, with png or bmp ; and jpg is set for compression so no use at all.
Vegas Movie Studio 16 lacks a hotkey and involves stopping play, then a right click and use menu and save box for each capture so again no good for multiple stills. Also alarmingly and rendering it useless is that it reduces 4K to HD.

There simply is nothing out there capable of fwd backward and same as original multiple stills capture,.however another I am now aware of is Potplayer so lets hope that can do it and put the editors to shame.


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