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I am stunned by the inability of all video editors I have looked at to be able to make stills from a video as easy as video players make them, i.e. hit a hotkey still is made, video carries on playing. no fiddling about with a cursor, and menus to find make still in. If Video players can do it why cant a far more advanced program manage it.

They all are incapable of even allowing the user to hit a hotkey again and again, with the image being captured, without interrupting the viewing with a panel asking for a filename and location, many involve the user having to place the cursor on a frame, then use a menu.
One that looked promising refuses to capture the image as the same size as 4K, reducing it to HD, and the workaround is long winded involving a menu and cutting up the video clip into bits (PowerDirector17). That was so alarming to discover as it looked good as a prog. Archaic.
a videoplayer plays 4K and captures stills as 4K in a second with a hotkey hit, so why cant PD do that ?

DaVinciResolve….unable to capture lots of stills during play, involves slicing up the video into frames.
PowerDirector Ctrl P makes stills with no dialog box.GOOD but are reduced to HD if playing 4K, use freezeframe if 4K, but then same as DaVinci manually slice up into bits.
Magix, fails on basic layer order that on top is the video to be hidden, counter intuitive.
AviDemux ..involves menu to choose make still from.
VideoPad..involves menu to choose make still from.
Lightworks..involves menu to choose make still from.
Corel Video Studio Ultimate..bad reviews choppy etc when previous versions were not so.
Lightroom..involves menu to choose make still from.

Premiere Pro CC rent not buy…forget it ! only viable if its my #1 prog for common use, not use once a month or less.
Vegas..some hope..a user has had to make a script to maybe do so where the developers have no means of making a still.

all in all the simple act of making stills (plural !!!) defeats all these video editing progs. Pathetic.

Hope I have overlooked one that has lots of editing tools and is capable, so what can do this ?


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