Reply To: Which video editing prog of those listed can do my listed tasks ?


Hi, I have also discovered that DaVinci cannot make still images, not without some long winded method for each one, that has me shot down within 2 mins of its first ever use, I need to hit a hotkey capture the frame I am on as a still image, to a predetermined location set up in prefs, then hit that key again and again as I play the video, NOT having to name it, choose export, export it, and so on each and every time, it must capture without interupting my watching of the video, if I choose to pause and go fwd or backward frame by frame to get to an exact spot, it must also work . DV as a video player has no pause button and frame by frame is awkward using keys K and L and K and J. To do a frame still one has to slice the video with a cutting tool, so one method says, another says right click and choose from a drop down list, thats going to take forever to capture 100’s of stills.
It didnt install fully saying failed to install davinci resolve panels. Then I get a red windows warning shield drivers not approved etc, so choose dont install.
What a let down for something so advanced and free.


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