Reply To: Which video editing prog of those listed can do my listed tasks ?


Hi Photogrammetry is the science of creating 3D meshes and CAD curves from photos.
I need my chosen video editor to de-interlace footage I have. I see DaVinciResolve is unable to de-interlace, from what I can see the $300 one has that ability. Yet deinterlacing is so needed, I guess they are clever making sure you have to buy it.

I just cannot go paying per month for progs I rarely use for month after month, not when I am mounting up debts month after month just to pay the daily bills, due to a pension that is linked to a salary that was frozen in time as a publicity stunt (its what the public want) but then never unfrozen, and the public never knew about it and couldnt give a f*** anyway). I will never rent or pay for something I never own, others with lack of funds feel strongly about this also, we have to be very frugal, if I had to pay monthly for all the progs I use, not for profit, I would be bankrupt in a few yrs.
Looks like DaVinci putting a vital tool, unless we wish to watch toothcomb motion, in the non free one have made a move denying those without funds and needing decent video a barrier to using their prog. I am gutted as it looked so good.

De-interlacing is a much needed tool so folk, beware DaVinci cant provide that for free.
It will have to be power director it seems, and I really liked what daVinci had to offer.

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