Reply To: Which video editing prog of those listed can do my listed tasks ?


Hi, CC…I cant and wont go paying subs per month, ok if one is using that prog all the time and able to charge folk for work, bit its not my primary usage, probably about 2% averaged out, thats where subs mode is a bad move, I might use it on a project then not get another chance for 6 months. When Adobe went subs mode they killed their progs for me, I am still on Pshop CS6. I use so many different progs without charging for work, as its for myself, the assumption by developers that we use one prog and will pay per month for it is so wrong. I will pay a one off fee for ownership.

I will look at free DaVinci Resolve.

I now am experimenting with getting usable stills from 4K for photogrammetry so such is a key requirement from the video prog.


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