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I don’t know why my reply disappeared after I submitted it (it has happened before) but since I don’t see my reply on this post, although my name shows at the top of the thread, I will try to repost my comments.
Can’t really give you much advice without first seeing some of your youtube videos. Do you sing and play an instrument or are you singing karaoki? I can’t help you with recommending video clips or how they would incorporate into a song. I assume if people are watching a cover video, they are interested in seeing how yu perform the song. If the added clips are too interesting then won’t your singing just be background for the clips?
I would avoid speaking on why you chose the song. I’d just do titles crediting the original artist, do your song, and do end credits.
You can make the video a bit more interesting by croppinhg the shot in the editor, so you can simulate different camera angles from a single clip.
You will probably have to do better than a webcam. A good inexpensive camera that shoots 4K video in full auto, as well as automatically adjusting the light and focus is the Lumix FZ80. I bought mine used on ebay for about $233 with shipping. You will also need video editing software.
Here’s one of my music videos. My friend sends me a video of his performance then I add mine and edit them both together. Using a split screen and adding transitions, you can add a bit of interest without removing your performance from the video. My friends clip on the left is shot in HD, mine on the right is shot in 4K. I think 4K looks better on youtube than HD.

Good luck with your videos.

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