Reply To: Which lighting kit for semi beginner?


Well – the issue here is there is no single kit that does this. If you want to shoot interviews in the house you probably want three point lighting – key, fill and backlight, so that’s three different sources. If you want to do pop videos, the least useful kit is key/fill/backlight, you probably need multiple sources and beam effects for interest and face lights for detail. Weddings need wise area illumination with few shadows so again, something different.I have enough lighting kit in stock to do moving heads with waggly beams and haze, exhibition style flooding, and two or three people interviews using single or multiple keys. Given a limited budget, then it would be tempting to have a tungsten old fashioned redhead kit and a 1.2K Fresnel – this would be useful for all sorts. Swapping tungsten for LED with the same capability needs a MUCH bigger budget. pop videos could be a sterile well lit, white light product with a general kit, or need all kinds of beams, face lights and colours, depending on the style you want. There really is no off the shelf do it all lighting kit.

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