Reply To: Buying a Canon EOS 77D . Any downside to a DSLR for video?


If you have done well with the DMC-ZS50 you might want to consider the Lumix FZ80 super zoom bridge camera which has a few of advantages over a dslr. First it shoot 4K video, in up to 8 minute segments. Second it has a very good completely silent auto tracking which focuses the camera during video in 1 to 3 seconds. With a dslr, using auto tracking for video creates noise as the lens autofocuses. In video mode, the lumix fz80 is fully auto, choosing the best iso, aperture and shutter speed to get a well lit scene. Finally with a 20mm to 1200mm zoom lens, you can shoot anything from wide angle to close ups. Lest you think a camera costing less than $300 can’t produce striking 4K footage, look at this youtube video. I have several dslr’s which shoot HD video, but now I only shoot 4K on the FZ80 and the Coolpix B700 (24mm to 1440mm zoom, used for about $350).

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