Reply To: Sony BVP-750 Camera Package (16×9 & SDI)


Ha! nobody in their right mind will buy this! It’s an ancient SD camera, with no practical use at all, apart from looking nice.

You would need to source the multicore, and a studio ped and head, or even an OB tripod and head – and we’re talking about a substantial head. There are not focus or zoom demands, m which would probably set you back a grand at least if you can find them. The camera is a low def (by today’s standard) analogue machine – so you get an NTSC 525 line output probably little better than a decent security system.

It’s basically a great piece of scrap. One went on Ebay recently in the UK in
PAL format and made just over £600, with just two bids. A ped and old Vinten head would probably go for a grand? Shortish camera cable maybe £400?

It’s a nostalgia piece and has no value at all for production, but would look cool in somebodies living room or business foyer. The lens was wonderful, but SD box lenses are still very soft on an HD camera. Seven grand is just ridiculous, and anyone spending over a grand want’s their head testing! You can buy a Black Magic Broadcast for less money brand new, with every add on!

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