Reply To: I’m starting my journey as a video editor. What’s a good start?


ALL my career decisions were made because I had a talent and the knowledge. I never made one decision that would have made me start to follow a new course.

Since your first post a month ago. What have you produced? Let’s have a look at your progress. What subjects did you try? Narrative or even just an advert for a product using your existing knowledge. This passion, bottled up – you’ve had a month to try stuff. Plenty of chance to get something installed, even a freebie one. So what have you produced? What is causing difficulty? What did you find easy? How did you get on with the formats, the workflow, the speed and hiccups in the workflow that made you want to review how you did it? Did youtube tutorials help or hinder?

Should you give up? If you have done nothing in a month and gained no new knowledge or techniques, then yes – give up, you’re just dreaming about something with no real interest. If you’ve started three or four projects and finished one, struggling, then yes – carry on and don’t give up. In the past month apart from the normal paying jobs I’ve done three free/cheap ones, two of which have spawned a full priced one in the diary. I wanted to try something out, spotted something in the local paper, went to see them offered my services and they said yes. You’ve done similar?

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