Reply To: Mac Pro 2013


I see nobody responded? Personally, I have a few purchase rules that muck up your idea for me.

I’m happy to buy used, and basically treat manufacturer refurbished as simply second hand – but the price needs to really reflect that fact. The Ebay prices are just (for me) too expensive for something very expensive from sellers with no reputation and anonymity on a platform that has very poor guarantee status.

I’d but one of these brand new with a guarantee, but Apple are very strange with anything not sold direct. Expect no assistance from them. After all, their take on a 3 year old computer bought from them direct is that it’s ancient and you’re on your own.

I buy second hand expensive IF I can afford to be on my own if I get issues. I have no doubt the Mac will edit your material absolutely brilliantly – but they’re too expensive. A new one is what? 4 grand? A refurbed one that’s a bit older? I’d not pay more than a grand for an old computer with no guarantee it can be fixed? For £900 I’d take the chance. Maybe, I’d push to 1200 – but more than that worries me.

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