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If you are making video because you enjoy doing it, and it is not your proper job, then £250 seems a lot. For a business, £250 is not a lot of money, and businesses know how much people cost. If they have ever had to pay an expert, or go on training courses, they know that £250 is peanuts. What they often fail to comprehend is that a one hour video might take a couple of weeks, and a one minute video take maybe a day.

I dumped one client when after three successful projects, we embarked on a new one and they suddenly employed a marketing firm who cut the 30 minute video down to just ‘tell the same story in 3 mins’ and expected the price to drop to 10%. With these people you cannot win.

I use many self-employed camera folk, and the broadcast guys want £250 a day. The corporate guys around £150. That’s not hours based, but a day of their life. If you devise an hourly rate – how do you do it? The job I did on Sunday had me there for 8 hours, the actual concert was 60 mins exactly. I had 3 cameras plus 3 go pros dotted about. I also recorded the audio for a CD and to use in the video edit. Yesterday was spent non-stop from when I walked into the studio transferring the material into the editors and completing the audio track. Today I have too start editing it. I have three complete camera clip sets, plus the chunks of video from the PO~V cameras that were moved during the event. Syncing that up is going to take some time – especially as two cameras were at a distance meaning delays to compensate for between sound and video. How do you charge by the hour. £25 means already they owe £200 for yesterdays housekeeping and £200 for the event and I have not started editing yet!This particular event is for a group with no money – I know that. It means that by the end of the project, the real value will be easily £1000, and I suspect that I’ll do it for £400, because they see £400 for an hours video as expensive. Businesses won’t get this level of discount, but I see their group as something I want to support, but I cannot calculate hourly rates because I cry. I’m really working for less than minimum wage. As a self-employed person, that’s simply crazy.

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