Reply To: Question on the Panasonic HC-V770


Wow, why does this happen with literally every product I buy. Every piece of software or hardware I get. Nothing ever works as it’s intended. Then, on top of it all, nothing ever fits any of the problems that anyone else has ever had! How is it that I’ve had the worst products with the worst problems all the time?? I don’t understand. I’ve had this error message go off every 9 minutes of recording time. Every time. I sent it to Panasonic (multiple times), but because it will begin recording they send it back saying “oh it works”. EVERY TIME I tell them to continue recording because it will give an ERROR. I formatted the SD card, I reset the camera. C’mon that’s classic troubleshooting. I have the worst experiences when trying to enjoy any bit of tech. Literally. I am basically a qualified technician because of the broken condition I get every product in and have to repair myself just to see the damn thing turn on. Now, I will keep looking, but it seems that everybodys glorious solution is formatting the SD card, unfortunately that’s not the case for me and I will continue to struggle on this. Another few hundred dollars down the drain. I would have better luck building my own shit….

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