Reply To: How to change aperture in Canon xa30 while recording?

AvatarStephen Eckert

Thanks for the info. Your description is not what happens to the Canon XA30. Essentially, when operating under “Manual” control. once the Record button is pressed, no changes can be made to aperture, shutter speed, or gain so long as the camera is recording. What you experience is common for non-fixed aperture lenses. As the lens is zoomed toward telephoto, at a certain focal length, the f/stop will change to another value which you cannot control on any such zoom lens. For example, the instruction manual for Sony NX5U shows the lens aperture being adjustable starting at f1.6. However, the manual cautions that as zooming approaches telephoto (it doesn’t state the exact focal length), the aperture, if set to f1.6, will go to f3.4 as you experienced. When I use a zoom lens (on DSLR or camcorder) having a non-fixed maximum aperture, I set it to the higher value (f3.4 in your case) so that as I zoom, the aperture will not change (assuming camera is operating in Manual Mode.

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