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My favourite – Adobe Premiere simply because while it is NOT cheap and a subscription model, the package has thing I use every single day.

Have a look at the Blackmagic designs free editor – I don’t like it to be honest, but that’s because I’ve been using another product for a very long time and change is painful. Frankly, the cheap ones I cannot recommend because they’re designed for home movie, home user styled editing – not business. So much depends on your equipment too, of course. Adobe likes you to have good video processing capability in the machine, and on a PC, you get the option for onboard processing power. of the video card. If it cannot do these things, then your main processor has to – clogging up the system. What kind of video will you be editing? I mean are we talking proper cameras, maybe prores, or 1080HD, or 4K? If you don’t have a decent camera – full size, real lenses or DSLRs no real point spending too much on the editing side.

Frankly ‘best’ means very little if best = expensive camera, expensive, computer, expensive monitors, expensive audio capability and expensive everything. Something used everyday isn’t expensive overall is it? Unless you provide details I can’t advise further. Like asking what the best car is? I doubt there is a sensible answer. Best car under $X, or best car for going to the shops once a week, or best car for off road ……. see the problem. They’re all cars. Same with video. Best for what?

I like Premiere – but it sucks at some things. Audio editing is basic, so you use an audio editor and do a bit of in out!

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