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OK – I looked at it as if it was my money and your weight camera.

Vinten Vision 3 with tripod and case, $400 USD: I’d happily buy this – lovely head. Used one myself in the past. Feels really good and unlike cheap fluid heads, the feel is variable and the centre of gravity should be compensated on you camera, so it stays where it is when you take the pressure off. Decent price.

Vinten Vision 5 Head with telescoping pan bar and (2) quick release plates, $310 USD (This one looks a little rough to me): It has had rough use, but they rarely play up and are made so well the finish isn’t important – price for it is OK. I have one of these I use regularly. Assuming it’s not actually damaged, it’s again a decent price. Beware though – the heads is quite heavy so needs a decent set of legs.

Vinten Vision 5 Fluid Head Tripod Aluminum Single Stage Legs 5, $899 USD:
Price wise, it works out as good value if it’s in very good condition, about right for used condition. If you have the money – this is exactly the combination I use in theatre work. Simple to set up and level, and silky smooth with adjustable damping in Both planes and the big knob to wind out centre of balance.

Vinten Vision BLUE 3 Head & Blue 3 Tripod 75mm w/ Mid Level Spreader, $1150 USD:
If it was my money, I would choose the Vinten 5 and legs second hand against this virtually new (and current) model. It’s very good of course, but so is the price!

So – if it was for me, I’d buy the $899 package. I’d consider it as a decent price for an excellent product.If I needed an extra setup, I’d probably go for it myself. I really love the cygnet post head, but have to admit that the extra weight and height on the legs mean, the 5 in it’s tube storage is the first one I go for. When I go into the store I look at them, and the post head is easily a foot longer making it harder to transport. I only choose it for things where up angle is important. air stuff of course as I have the choice available, but I also use it in theatres when it has to go in the orchestra pit, looking up sharply all the time. As a general tripod and head the 5 is nicer to use, carry and store, and it tips up quite a long way anyway – just not up to vertical!
Hope this helps

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