Reply To: Laptop – PC specs for video editiing


Laptops are better than they were, and the onboard video graphics are not really much of an issue – clearly being able to run the laptop monitor and an external one are OK, but i7 usually seems to be fine. What you can’t really do is make use of the facilities plug in cards have with their onboard processors – so in ultimate performance terms, laptops can’t be as good – but with processor performance going up so quickly, a powerful processor can manage all the usual tasks. With external drives to handle the files, it’s OK. You can do video editing on them happily. The killer comes with multiple streams of 4K for Multicam, where shunting data around is the problem. It’s quite possible to work with ordinary spec video screens.If I wanted to edit 4K, I’d still be looking at a real computer, but for HD – my MacBook can cope perfectly well – apart from having to use stacks of adaptors to get stuff in and out – but that’s just stupid Mac design, not the actual guts. This one’s an i5 and happy editing HD on premiere on the out of the box system.

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