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60i (30 frames with 60 interlaced fields) has always been the standard broadcast quality since the early days of television. More recently with the introduction of digital video, video producers have been trying to acquire more of a film look in order to compete with india filmmakers by setting the rate which they record and reproduce to 24p. Film was always recorded and processed in 24p and sent to a 60i analog broadcast. Not the most ideal, but interlaced was intended to create a 60 ‘frame-ish’ affect being able to broadcast in only 30 frames. 24pwas almost universal for video recording since people have tried to boost the quality of their productions, when in reality they took on one of film’s disadvantages into acquiring something more ‘filmic’. If I had more options I would honestly shoot only 60p (or 60i if there’s no 60p option), except for those occasions when wanting to imitate something that happened in the past, or achieving a special affect. I’d check out this article:


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