5 hours of raw video is…

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

5 hours of raw video is…well a lot of video footage (a lot) I suggest that first you need to organize your videos in folders. Watch all the videos and look for the preliminary footage you want and discard what you dont need. Put all the preliminary fottage in a folder on my documents or in the desktop so its easier to open in the future. Do not mix the preliminary videos with unusable video (then you wont find anything) If you use music, pictures, etc, put them all in different folders with a folder name such as “Pictures”, “Music”, etc. Now that you have all your video footage organized look again at your preliminary videos and select the segments you want from each one (use Vegas Trim feature, use the markers and regions and create the subclips you like). If you know how to use Vegas Media Manager feel free to use it too.

Now that you have what you need make a three column table with the following: on the left column put VIDEO, next to the video column put AUDIO and on the last column put TIME (this one is optional, you use it if you really need to) In the VIDEO column put the names of the videos you will use, where they are in your computer (optional, but use it if you like, just in case) and what you want to do with them (you can also put transitions in here). In the AUDIO column put what music you like and if you are planing on recording audio for a Voice Over, put the narration in this area. In the third column put how much time your video segment will last. Every time you use a new video put it in another column and enumerate everything. In the end you will have your technical/editing script and all you need to do is take your script, sit in front of your computer for several hours and follow the order of the script.

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