$400 save you money. the c


$400 save you money. the cheapest I would go to break into the professional field is a Sony HDR-SR11. and even with that the work you will get will be limited. You will find yourself having to prove to your customers that it’s about you and not the camera. If you buy this cam then spend a lot of time getting to know it. practice with different lighting and buy some warm cards. to make money with a consumer camera you have to be able to make it look much better then anyone else.

But this cam alone will not be enough, you will also need lighting, a “good” tripod, warm cards, a “good” external mic, and a few filters. to make money you have to either impress your customer with a $7000 pro camera with all the trimmings, or sell yourself as a professional talent.

I’m doing ok with a JVC HD-7, however I wish I would have bought the Sony HDR-SR11. The HD7 does not have a Mic input nor a headphone output, 2 very important features for a pro. I made a reel where I showed the difference between some body off the street making a shot using the cameras full auto feature and next to it the same shot with me using the camera in full manual mode. Night and day difference, you either sell the camera or yourself, but it can be done.

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