Reply To: Bought wrong cam to record skateboarding?


So I am very familiar with the problem of ghosting. Shooting sports video with interlace mode is destined for failure. The time gap between the interlace frames, which the editor or player tries to lace back together, is loaded with blurring effects.
The problem is using the 50i or 60i mode, when the correct choice is 50p or 60p. And secondly after choosing the correct mode, increase the shutter speed (reduced exposure time) to at least 1/100s and even better for skateboarding is 1/250s.

In the skateboarding video above from May 16, the slow shutter causes the blurring of the skater. Of course a faster shutter in the dark is nearly impossible!
Take a look at this indoor basketball, in a poorly lit gym, where I strive for the sharpest image I can:
This was shot with a 1/120s shutter.

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