29.97fps is timecode in an


29.97fps is timecode in an interlaced video that is 59.97 individual fields ( half vertical resolution frames ) only difference to 60p is they will be full resolution frames. Very confusing I know. 60i cameras take 60 exposures just like 60p cameras they just record fields not full frames so the temporal motion is the same which is why 60i is a lot smoother than 30p because there are twice as many exposures in the same time period. The confusion is the timecode for this is 29.97fps, timecode increments every 2 fields,  so people think that is close to 30P, its not. 


So the 24P film frames have to be divided up into 60 fields for  interlace video ( 29.97 fps timecode) with 2:3 pulldown. This will give individual frames to fields and the playback systems will know what to do to reasamble the 24p image on a suitable display on computer editing program. In other words finding the correspondding odd and even fields extracted from the full frame 24p image for inclusion in the 60i stream.


Ron Evans

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