Reply To: Shooting Video in a theater with constant changing lights


I agree whole heartedly with the “it is what it is” statement having shot loads of theatre dance shows it is all about compromise. We shoot the tech rehearsal, the dress rehearsal and the shows. the lighting will change between them but it gives us the choice of using the best clip for close ups or wide. Often for the tech rehearsal the lighting guys can be kinder to us and not saturate the stage with a single colour. Even leaving just a little of the other colours helps enormously. With younger kids we don’t sync multiple cameras from the sound but from their position on the stage as rarely are they in the same spot at the same moment across multiple shows etc.
If a parent questions the colour, we ask them “what did it look like during the show?” they then either realise that the costumes will look different or we have the opportunity to explain it to them.
We are not alone, next time you watch a live performance on TV, look at anyone in red and see how the details change as they move around in the lights.

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