24p is 24 progressive fram


24p is 24 progressive frames per second. 60i is 60 interlace fields per second which is 30 frames per second, as opposed to 30p which is 30 progressive fields per second.

What is the different between Progressive and Interlace? A video images is created byhorizontallines of pixels. Imagine it being like tiles on a wall. Each line in scanned one at a time from top to bottom. The difference between progressive and interlace is the scanning with progressive starts it’s way from the top and works is way to the bottom. In other words, progressive will scan line 1, then line 2, then line 3, and so on.

Interlace scans every other line. Then when it gets to the bottom of the image, it starts back at the top and scans the lines that it hasn’t scanned the first time around. In other words, it scans line 1, then line 3, then line 5 until it gets to the bottom. Then it will go back to the top and scan line 2, line 4, line 6 and so on.

The reason why it’s called 60i is because it’s 60 “fields” (even fields and odd fields). Since each field is only half the horizontal lines of the images, it takes 2 fields to create a frame. So 60 fields = 30 frames.

Does that make sense?

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