" Yes I live in Australia and over here, the corporate and government cultural trend is to update through technological attrition, and gradually switch over to new technology.


The Australian analog TV transmitters will start a gradual decommissioning starting this year and progressing through until next year."                                     According to Wikipedia, the Australian TV switchover to digital transmission has been carried out by regions with only a few remaining to make the transition.


" The comment about running 23.967p footage on a PC/Mac to convert to 24p, mainly applies to footage shot on digital cameras. "                          Okay, but think logically for a moment: How do you suppose that in the real world a system of ANY type could actually record 23.967 frames?? In NTSC TV land . . . in which Australia does not reside . . . . 23.967 frames per second represents a 60 Hz clock which has been slowed to 59.94 Hz. The reason for this has been fully explained previously. 23.967 frames per second ( by " God's " clock in the " real world " of 60 Hz ) – IS – 24 frames per second in the artificial world of 59.94 Hz!!              It's tragic that there is so  much misconception over this simple fact!

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