First, let me apologize for acting like a jerk, I didn't fully mean to come off arrogant and pompis.


Second, I did an extensive google search with both my name, and my company name and neither were traceable back to this forum, especially not this thread, since my name is very common, and the company name is not copyrightable so there is 6 others with same company name around the nation.





The successful ones will be the ones that listen more than the ones who are trying to dazzle people with motion graphics. That stuff only works on the young, mindless, Ipod generation who have no attention span (and no money to buy their product). You sound like the new guitarist that uses tons of effects than sound cool, but no professional would ever think of using because of their cheesiness. Good luck.



Not to continue being a jerk, but when I read this, it makes me think that this the excuse someone who doesn't use motion graphics would say to belittle the use of it as if it does not add quality. When in fact it does, because it indicates skill and professionalism. almost every single national commercial uses motion graphics or animations, these tools broaden the horizon of our creativity, they give us a beautiful pallete of visual stimulation we can achieve that was not possible simply with a camera, to say it only works on the mindless ipod generation, is wrong in two ways, one you limiting your creativity and abilities by dismissing it and saying it only works on 20 somethings and younger. On top of this your calling my generation mindless, that is a large over exaggeration, I would say that we are technology dependent, but some of the smartest most innovative people adding to todays technology and tommorows future are in fact, young, the ipod generation.


also you said they have no attention span, if this were true then it wouldn't matter what effects you use cause they would pay attention. In fact this generation has one of the most intense attention span yet, it's simply that with all the tech media and friends surrounding them, they pay no attention to important things, but yet they can game for 12 hours with losing focus. This is not the fault of this generation, it is the fault of the parents who do not teach their children priorites like familly and responsibility, and it all started with the 70's generation who were all about sexual freedom, peace and love, which results 3 generations down the line with a rebelious set of young people who isolate themselves from adults.


Motion graphics is extemely effective, if done with quality, from ages 7- 45, thats a huge range of customers, after you break the mid life range you get people who don't really have a reference point for motion graphics since its a new technology of the last decade and a half, thus they don't really care, they have insurance, they have a car, they have food, they have a favorite grocery store, they have kids, and there processing speed has slowed down so why pay attention to something flashy when you already all set in life, and it takes you a minute to figure what you just saw.

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