20 minutes running time – so


20 minutes running time – so without the subtitles maybe what? a days editing, if things are not too complex, the subtitles thing concerns me if I were doing it. Who is translating? Is the translation supplied as a script? 20 minutes of interview with subtitles – typed a line at a time, then manipulated would probably take me a couple of days.

So – probably three genuine days work. How much do you work for? Where you are sets the scale too – Here in the UK, this would mean £660 plus VAT for the 3 days – but I’d want the translation quantity and amount very clearly itemised so that if the quantity of dialogue means unexpected subtitle work,I can increase the price to cater for it.

If you are a student – one train of thought says that if you are inexperienced and a bit green, you should charge less than an experienced person – BUT – it will take you longer than me I suspect, so it’s down to what you feel your time is worth. Many organisations will deliberately use students, expecting a cheap price (but always an excellent product). I doubt both are possible. Do NOT do it for silly money – even if you want the experience it’s exploitation – It’s a far more skilled jo than working in McDonalds – so use McDonalds as a price guide – what would they pay for you to serve fries for the same time? This is your minimum ‘worth’ – pitch between this and my rate. If they want you – they will pay, if they baulk at the price, did they really want you or just the job doing cheaply? When I started off – I charged what I thought was fair money – not cheap but not expensive, but I gave them extras for free. I expect the job to take two days, and it’s £X – but if it stretches to 3 days, I won’t charge any extra – or I’d offer them a full price deal with a 25% discount on future jobs within a year. Make sure that any music charges are detailed too, and they understand why they have to pay them. If there is music involved, offer them the option to deal direct with PRS, or your countries licensing agency, or you can add this to your invoice to save them the trouble – that sounds helpful too. They will usually get you to do it, and you can inflate the cost a little to cover your time and effort. Offer them a special price for transfers – if they want the product on different formats – then if this takes you an hour – charge them!

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