2. Why would you need 2 or


2. Why would you need 2 or 3 cameras?

For what type of shooting? You don’t need 2 or 3 for everything, but for event shoots – things where you can’t do second and third takes from different angles, etc. – then you need multiple cams. For weddings, three cameras are a "must" for a really professional job.

I believe you can get a good quality video with 2 cameras, but it’s not easy. 3 is best.

3. Are weddings the best and only method to have your main income?

Weddings are probably the worst method if you weight the time and effort against the income. Wedding videography is probably the easiest way to get into professional video though.

I disagree completely. Aside from marketing time I put in (which isnt all that much), I make close to $50/hr for weddings (that’s about 40 hours per wedding)

7. Do I have to spend alot on advertising or should I just focus on putting up a website and using word-of-mouth.

A website is only going to bring you new business, if you effectively have it optimized for search engines. I did that for mine and that’s where most of my business comes from now, but that’s not how I got it started. Phone book advertising is not likely to bring in enough income to cover its expense. Word of mouth isn’t going to have much effect until you’ve been in business several years.

I agree. I’m only in my second year (like Hank) and I’ve only gotten 1 job off of a refferral.

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