2 sound cards. An integrat


2 sound cards.
An integrated 7.1 for recording and a PCI 5.1 for playback. Tell you why. The integrated gizmo is much better quality and better isolated than my PCI card – which is a couple of years old now – and that’s why I record sound using that. However for export to tape and other sensible tasks I use the PCI card as I want no possible interruptions or hiccups (I know call me old fashioned for even worrying that an AMD64 can’t cope with SD… but I’m not taking any chances).

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The best lights for video production — 2021

Lighting needs run the gamut, from huge budget productions to small, DIY vloggers, and there’s something for every niche. This article will explain what to think about before buying lights and provide a list of the best video lights currently on the market.