1CCD vs 3CCD can possibly


1CCD vs 3CCD can possibly NOT matter, but IMHO you’ll get better quality recordings, color rendition and satisfaction going with a 3.

IMHO, also, I think there’s more potential for “things” than can go wrong with the average HDD camcorder, vs recording to MiniDV. I cannot fathom MiniDV being obsolete within the next 5 years, but then again it appears that a LOT of stuff is moving toward recording to memory cards. Fewer moving parts will mean a lot less breakdown and repair costs down the road, as opposed to tape transport systems and HDDs.

Ask Belinda (surfbella on this forum), she just purchased an HV30, based heavily on my input, I suspect, and has been working with it on her exercise videos for web site and commerical sales. It is a work in progress, but I suspect she is really pleased with the imaging quality the Canon HV30 gives.

These are strictly opinions, I must say, but perhaps somewhat educated opinions. I was going to go with the HV30s for entry level HD production, but have since moved my sights up to the AVCHD card recording Panasonic AG-HMC150 units, though they currently go at $4K a pop, and I will need two.

I figured 2 HV30s along with the braces, Beachtek audio boxes and shotgun mics would have put me close enough to the 150 costs (more or less) that it was not unreasonable to jump forward. And the unit is a 3CCD device using SD cards which seem to be the most threatening of the replacement recording media over tape and HDD.

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