13? Holy cow batman! That


13? Holy cow batman! That is incredible. I had to make a commercial for my product that I make to help sell it – an electrical device. I went through 8 scripts over 9 months and kept tossing them out. The story did not work; too long; too boring; irrelevant; lost attention etc. When I finally made it, that commercial, it was shown to 3 or 4 large chains (Fastenal, Canadian Tire, Do-It-Best) and these billion dollar companies bought into my product within 2 minutes. They loved it. The story sold instantly.

Earl is right 2 minutes – you can stretch it if you can hold the viewers attention – and that takes skill. I find that when I have a story to tell, the rest of the film making is so much easier. You need a plan – like a blueprint for a house. The greatest stories win Oscars or money or both. Titanic, ET, Star Wars 4-6. Story is king whether it be big or small.

But you know what the trick is to making a great video. Shoot, shoot , shoot. Shoot everything. Find a story and go get it. You will make a lot of crap at first. James Cameron did, but before long, he had ideas and with experience under his belt, pitched an idea of an alien to a group of investors. They bought in. The rest is history. Now he makes the most expensive movies in history and grosses the most in history. He hammers this point home – story is king.

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