$100 per month for unlimit


$100 per month for unlimited videos? Are you crazy? LOL

How can you make a living doing that? As I write this I am down on Martha’s Vineyard doing 30 videos tours in 5 days for a client. And rest assured, I am not doing them all for $100! (they’re $350-$450 each!) That just makes no sense, especially if you anticipate your business to grow. If you don’t anticipate that, why even bother?

My business is so crazy right now that I’m very seriously considering raising my prices to slow things down a bit. I would be very happy with considerably less business right now, as I’ve been working like a crazy man since February.

As far as length of videos, a 2-3 minute video is really optimum for cats in the clothes dryer, but not necessarily applicable to real estate. If people actually WATCH the video, they’re a serious buyer and they want to see everything. They WILL watch a 5, 7 minute or even longer video if they are interested in BUYING the house. If they’re not interested, they won’t watch if for a second! Real estate video isn’t exactly “entertainment”. Just as if you watched a wedding video, you probably wouldn’t watch it for more than a minute or two… UNLESS it was your daughter, in which case you would watch it for 30 minutes… and again and again!

My stats show that most videos are viewed almost 90% through if not more, and they are all at least 4-5 minutes in length or longer. Video is the FIRST SHOWING. It qualifies the buyer. If they make an appointment for a personal visit, it’s a second showing. First they view the photos, THEN the video if they are still interested, not the other way around…. You don’t whet the appetite with a teaser video, you do that with the (hopefully) excellent photos.

I did a house on Martha’s Vineyard last year for a seller. His home had been on the market for 3+ years. I did the video and the broker received four offers almost immediately and it sold. Those are the brokers who hired me for this week to shoot their entire inventory – all based on the response for that one video that was purchased by the seller!

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