“#1: You gotta feed everyo


“#1: You gotta feed everyone!”

Ha! Ain’t that the truth! Whether you’re paying (and especially if you’re not) the actors and crew, you have to take care of them. You’d be surprised how far a well thought out spread during meal breaks will go towards keeping the team happy! If you are on location and your team has to stay overnight, making sure they have good accommodations are also a big help. It’s amazing how people will push harder for you when they get good chow and a good place to clean up and bed down. Don’t forget to make sure the team and any investors get first crack at any swag (T-shirts, hats, etc.) soon as it comes in. Not only does it help promote the project, but greases the wheels when you need to call upon them again….

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The best lights for video production — 2021

Lighting needs run the gamut, from huge budget productions to small, DIY vloggers, and there’s something for every niche. This article will explain what to think about before buying lights and provide a list of the best video lights currently on the market.