” 1) way to sync sound fro


1) way to sync sound from Zoom H2

2) way to remove the bucket sound

Your statement about sync needs a little claification. Are you able to find a spot where the H2 can be put in sync with the camera audio, and then it drifts out of sync? If so, by how much over time? Fairly rapid sync drift is an indication that the H2 recording has the wrong sampling rate. About 8 to 10 video frames accumulated drift over a time span of ten minutes would indicate that there’s a pull-down ( 29.97 frames per second ) discrepency.Slower drift is due to looser tolerances between the H2 and the camera’s time base references. I don’t know what sample rate your H2 audio was recorded at, but it MUST be 48K in order to stay in close proximity to the camera audio. If it is NOT 48K, you might be able to find a feature in yourextended software collection which will allow you to convert it to 48K.

As for the ” bucket ” sounding audio from your camera . . . . ?? Does this effect materialize ONLY on the shoot in question? Have you checked the camera since then to see if the effect persists? Obviously, if it persists, you may have a component ( mic ? ) failure. If it’s only on the video in question, then it sounds to me like you had sound from two different sources getting mixed together, one beinga few digitalsamples out of sync with the other,and there’s a phasing situation causing comb filtering. Think back to your shoot and re-create in your mind’s eye how different, unwantedsound sources may have intruded.

Rick Crampton

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