1. THE BEST FORMAT FOR DVD IS MPEG-2!! In order to have a DVD, you will have to render to MPEG-2 out of Vegas. This is not the best format overall, but it’s the only one that works for DVD.

2. Windows Media Player and Quicktime can’t play MPEG-2 in my experience. Only Real Player. You will have to trust that it works unless you get Real, which I think is free anyway.

3. IMPORTANT! If you render MPEG-2 straight out of Vegas, the default option is Video only, so if you’re not careful, your video will be just that – video, NO audio. You will need to choose the “DVD NTSC” template, not the “DVD NTSC Video stream” template. This would explain why there’s no audio in KMPlayer (which I have never used.)

4. DVD Architect is the only DVD burner software I’ve ever used. Works great!

Good luck!


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