1.Select a clip in the


1.Select a clip in the Timeline panel, and move the current-time indicator to a location of a frame within the clip. Ensure that the Uniform Scale check box of the Motion effect is deselected.
2.Do one of the following:
• (Lighting Effects only) Apply the Lighting Effects to the clip and then click the Transform icon next to Lighting Effects in the Effect Controls panel.
• (Motion effect only) Click the clip in the Program Monitor or click the Transform icon next to Motion in the Effect Controls panel.
3.In the Program Monitor, do any of the following:
• To position a clip or lighting effect, click in the clip or effect outline and drag to reposition it. Don’t drag a handle to reposition the clip or lighting effect.
• To scale freely, drag a corner handle.
• To scale along one dimension only, drag a side (not a corner) handle.
• To scale proportionally, Shift-drag a corner handle.

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