1. PCs do just as good. I


1. PCs do just as good. I say better. Final Cut people will like Macs.

2. You don’t capture with USB, you import. Very different, much faster than capturing with firewire. Supported by Final Cut, Avid, and Sony Vegas.

3. I’m a pro and use USB, not firewire. We bang things out in a very short time for important conventions and things like that. If we don’t do it fast, we lose customers/clients.With USB you can just grab your files, slam em on your computer, slam em into your software and go from there.

There are pros out there who don’t knowabout anyway to make movies but use MiniDV, firewire, Macs and FinalCut Pro. I feel sorry for these people because there are better, faster ways to do things. My Digital Editing teacher in college was this way. He was amazed by Sony Vegas and how my USB camera worked like a charm without having to mess with capturing settings.

I can explain better but am in a hurry. Catch ya later!

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