1) If you are serious abou


1) If you are serious about this you would need to consult with an intellectual property atttorney.

2) I am not an attorney nor do I play one on TV.

3) It is my understanding (just Bruce’s, no one else but me) that if the music is “incidental”, meaning that it is not integrally part of the video production, then it’s ok. If you can hear it and it is used as a major component of the audio portion or is used to make edit decisions (cuts) then you would need to obtain several types of rights (mechanical, sync, distribution, performance, more…) before being legally allowed to use it.

All that said, most wedding video producers fly in the face of the DMCA and run the risk of major lawsuits, but honestly I don’t know any wedding vid folks wh have been sued.

Just my opinion.

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